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What is a strained back?

Back injuries are very common in the workplace. The University of Minnesota recorded that over 1 million workers in America suffer from lower back pain and injuries every year. In the UK 4.7 million hours were lost due to work related injuries. Where sprains and strains may feel the same (being that there is pain in the back), they are different. Sprains involve injury to the back through the stretching or tearing of the ligaments. Strains are injuries that involve tearing of muscle tissue or tendons.

What does it mean to have an acute or a chronic strained back?

When you sustain a strained back, the licensed chiropractor, medical staff, doctor or practitioner will give you the diagnosis that you have either an acute or a chronically strained back. But what does this mean?

  • Acute Strain to the Back – This is the most typical form of a strain on the back. It occurs when there is a stretching or tear at the junction where the muscle is becoming a tendon. Typically, this occurs when there is a sudden stretching and contracting of the back muscle. This is a sudden and instantaneous injury. Symptoms include intense pain, muscle spasms, loss or restricted mobility, and a decrease in strength.
  • Chronic Strain to the Back – Chronic sprains are long lasting or permanent damage which is caused to the spine and/or muscle tissue and ligaments. This is caused by a gradual buildup, repetitive stress, or tendinitis. There are three grades of chronic sprains. In grade one the injury can heal if treated properly. Grade two injuries require that the person is immobilized so that the back can heal. Typically, these injuries take 7 days or more. Grade three injuries are the more severe and require surgery or physical therapy in order to allow for mobility and functionality of the back.

As there are various levels for both acute and chronic strains to the back, you are strongly encouraged to get a professional diagnosis. If you feel that the diagnosis is in error or that the theory and/or treatment is causing more injury to your back, you are strongly encouraged to seek a second opinion from a licensed chiropractor, medical staff, doctor, or practitioner.

Should you file a claim for your strained back?

Strained backs are a frequent injury in work environments. If you have sustained a strain to your back you may have grounds for a claim, especially if the condition has been diagnosed as a chronic sprain.

If your sprain was the result of improper policies and procedures, either in the form of the existence of faulty procedures or the absence of procedures, which resulted in the sprain to the back, you may have grounds for a claim. In such cases where the procedures were faulty, if the injury was obtained while following the practices and procedures, you more definitely have a claim.

If your sprain occurred while lifting or carrying products or goods for your business, you may have grounds for a claim. Even if you used a back support and/or other safety equipment, if the load carried posed a substantial risk for injury you may be entitled to compensation.

Jobs which require continuous and repetitious strain upon the back need to make know to potential employees the health risks of undertaking such a job. If you were not advised as to the health risks, specifically as it relates to the acute or chronic strain which has occurred to your back, thank you may have grounds for a claim. You may also have grounds for a claim if the potential for injury was misrepresented in order to obtain your services.

Considerations for a strained back

Because strained backs are so common, cases must be filed in a timely manner and adhere to the regulations and restrictions for filing such a claim.

Compensation claims which are based upon negligence must show that the defendant was at fault for the injury. You are more apt to win your case if policies and procedures were being followed. Your case will also have more merit if you have medical proof of your injury.

Never attempt to promote the injury. Your health and well-being are more important. Improper treatment of your back could result in lifelong injuries and/or paralysis. Always follow the instructions of your medical staff, chiropractor, doctor, or practitioner when treating a strained back. Failure to follow the instructions and treatment will greatly affect the outcome of your case.

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We are here to help you. If you have acquired an acute or a chronic strained back due to the negligence of others and would like to talk to a professional about your compensation options please contact us.

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