About 3 million people in the UK use sunbeds throughout the year as a solution to tanning skin.

Despite the measures governmental bodies have imposed in a bid to decrease injuries and conditions brought about via sunbeds, there are still many cases of sun bed injuries reported as the industry isn’t well regulated.If you have used a poorly maintained sun bed and have consequently been left with sun bed related injuries, Tyler’s Solicitors can assist you in making a compensation claim.

Can I Make a Claim for Compensation Following a Sunbed Injury?

Government legislations require all tanning salons to be cautious when providing sunbeds for use of the general public.

Though this is the case, many suffer injuries following sun bed use due to staff mistakes or error. In such cases you have a right to claim compensation as you’ve suffered injury due to issues beyond your control.

What are the Most Common Types of Sunbed Injuries?

As you could imagine, there are several different types of sun bed injuries. If your claim involves any of the following types of injury, you’re entitled to make a claim. As follows:

Sun bed Injuries caused by using inadequately maintained apparatus
Burn Injuries caused due to sun bed duration being incorrectly timed by a staff member or faulty timers
Injuries caused due to lack of communication from staff members surrounding the potential dangers of sunbed use
Burns due to the settings of the sun bed being set too high
Injuries caused due to gaining improper information from staff regarding the duration of time to spend on the sun bed, how many times you should use the sun bed etc.
Injury or illnesses caused due to excessive UV ray levels in the beds

Where Can I Find More Information About Sunbed Injuries?

You can get in touch with our experienced advisor’s here at Tyler’s Solicitors who will provide you with expert advice surrounding your claim and the circumstances in which you obtained your sun bed injuries.

Contacting us direct allows us to assess your injury and the specific circumstances surrounding your injury.

Also, seeking information about the same from a doctor or expert concerning with physical injuries can be a huge help.

How Can I Make a Compensation Claim for My Sunbed Injuries?

When claiming for sun bed injuries which weren’t your fault contact Tyler’s Solicitors for impartial information advice and guidance.

In support of your claim, it’s important you collect and collate as much supporting evidence as possible. Collecting photographic evidence of the place where you gained the injury would be useful as well as photos of the injuries suffered. You can also take photo;s of the cleanliness of the facilities used and anything you think would act as supporting evidence for your claim. It may be useful to collect information surrounding when the facilities and sun bed apparatus was last serviced.

When proceeding with a claim, the first, most powerful piece of evidence is a medical examination. A medical examination delivers expert, unbiased information regarding the injury suffered providing insightful evidence in support of your claim.

Here at Tyler’s Solicitors, we’d also advise you to get your case documented in order to claim back any loss of income caused by your injury.

Contact Tyler’s Solicitors today for an initial consultation which assesses your claim, injury and circumstances -completely free of charge by our very own, highly skilled personal injury solicitors.

Our personal injury solicitors will be able to advise you on whether you can make a claim and the best actions to take. Further to this, we will provide you with the best quality services in sight of being awarded the maximum amount of money possible with our dedicated team of professionals alongside our sensitivity and discretion while handling your case.

How Long Before I Can Claim Compensation for Sunbed Injuries?

The length of compensation claims vary from case to case. A case can proceed within 3years of your injury being diagnosed.

Sun bed injury cases vary although, here at Tyler’s Solicitors, we ensure your case and supporting evidence is reviewed soundly before forwarding the information to the court to ensure your case is as straightforward as possible.

Why Choose Tylers for No-Win, No-Fee Sunbed Injury Compensation Claims?

To claim compensation, you’ll be required to endure medical examinations which can set the length of the case back slightly as well as collecting the reports and the documentations. Once all evidence has been reviewed and analysed by our lawyers and advisers, we can begin with your compensation claiming procedures.

Here at Tyler’s Solicitors, we’re committed to our maximum compensation policy which means if you’re claims successful, you’re awarded with the amount of money you deserve.

Contact Tyler’s Solicitors today for free impartial advice surrounding your sun bed injury and let us help you.

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