There are many hazardous areas in swimming pool buildings which rely heavily on proper health and safety risk assessments and precautions in order to prevent the public from injuries.

Injuries obtained in swimming pool vicinities can include anything from mild, light knocks, cuts and bruises to more severe injuries including allergies, intoxication, suffocation, slip accidents and bone fractures.

Victims who’ve suffered injuries of this nature in swimming pools can apply for a swimming pool injury compensation claim to help cover medical and recuperation expenses you’ve had to pay. Swimming pool compensation claims come under the personal injuries bracket in compensations claims and are one of the most common claims made here in the UK to date.

Claiming Compensation For Swimming Pool Injuries…

If you’ve suffered a swimming pool accident which wasn’t your fault you’re entitled to receive compensation.

During the claim process, the court will assess the circumstances in which the injury took place administering whether the injury was due to personal negligence or negligence of the facility owner.

Compensation paid will cover a mixture of expenses including medical expenses and loss of earnings as well as a reward for the inconveniences caused by your swimming pool injury.

The total amount of compensation to be awarded varies depending on the nature of injury, its severity and related loses or inconveniences.

Types of Swimming Pool Injuries

There are several types of swimming pool injuries that are eligible for compensation claims.These include the following:

  • Accidents from slipping (slippery floors and surfaces)
  • Objects and dangerous items immersed in water causing injury (dirty and poorly maintained pools)
  • Toxic pool water (overuse of clarification agents and chlorine) causing eye and skin injury
  • Accidents (falling, bumping)
  • Suffocation and failed rescue (shortage and/or insufficient training of lifeguards)
  • Defective equipment injuries
  • Faulty tilling and filtration units causing cuts and injuries

Generally, any accident in and around the swimming pool area caused by building faults and lack of attention paid to health and safety precautions can be claimed against.

How Can I Claim?

When claiming for swimming pool personal injuries; contact Tyler’s Solicitors today.

Tyler’s solicitors are experienced in tackling compensation claims of this nature and are able to help, advise and inform claimants on how to put their best foot forward when making personal injury claims.

In preparation for your claim, here at Tyler’s Solicitors, we advise you to take as many photographs as possible to further support your claim. This includes the area of the building which caused your injury and the injured part of your body. This kind of evidence is beneficial but not essential.

Once evidence is gathered and assessed, the claimant is fed the verdict and the money transfer process begins.

How Long Till Compensation Claims Are Made?

The best time to make a compensation claim for swimming pool injury is immediately after the accident or injury as this makes the evidence compilation process easier. You are however able to claim within 3 years of injury diagnosis, the time in which you take to file a compensation complaint isn’t reflected nor considered in the case verdict.

Compensation claims can be made by the injured patient, friend or family member. Deceased victims compensations can be awarded to family members who are directly related (spouse, child, parent).

A Final Word…

Swimming pool injuries can be very dangerous. Cases of pool deaths during holidays and recreation vacations are not uncommon and can happen to anyone at any time so health and safety measures must be adhered to.

Here at Tyler’s Solicitors, we advise you to seek compensation claim advice as soon possible in order to put the strongest evidence compilation together.

For more information, contact Tyler’s Solicitors today and let us help you.

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