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Tanning Salon Injury

Beauty injuries come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from hair and scalp burns to skin burns and everything in between. Here at Tylers Solicitors; we’re your personal injury specialists and we will not be beaten. For impartial advice, information or to book a consultation with a member of our knowledgable, professional team: contact us now on 0800 699 0079 (freephone).

What types of Tanning Salon injuries can you claim compensation for?

Skin tanning has become increasingly popular over the past decade or so despite the constant health warnings published by government and private health authorities.

Skin tanning is commonly indulged with in order to darken the skin giving the user a ‘beach look’ all year around. The consequences to ones health can be fatal.

The tanning beds used generate heat using UV rays which are proven to lead to cancers of the skin.

Though people use tanning beds in full knowledge of the potential risks, people often tend to be more aware of this and use them moderately.

Sun bed or tanning salon injury claims tend to occur due to uncontrolled rays. This is where the beds are giving off more heat then they’re supposed to causing burns to the skin. Exposure to overheated sun bed rays can also develop into certain cancers.

If you’ve suffered from an injury in a tanning salon which wasn’t your fault; you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Tylers Solicitors today and get to know your rights.

Other common injuries which occur due to incompetent tanning beds include…

Eye injuries.

This is due to the fact that when the rays are exposed to naked eyes, you could suffer from many types of eye complications.

The salon you attend should provide safety goggles in line with health and safety procedures to avoid injury or sensitivity to the eyes.

If the salon didn’t provide you with safety goggles and you’ve suffered as a result, then you should be compensated.

Common injuries which you can seek compensation includes the following:


This is a common complication that can lead to your cornea feeling painful. The cornea can become red, tear, experience light sensitivity, swell or you may feel like there are a lot of foreign objects logged into the eye. If you experience any of the previous symptoms following your tanning salon visit then you should firstly seek medical assistance and secondly contact Tylers Solicitors.

  • Cataracts

Cataracts may develop when staff at the salon fail to impose health and safety measures whilst you we’re using their equipment. If you’ve experienced an eye cataract injury as a result of negligence in your tanning salon then you may be entitled to compensation.

If you think you’re experiencing issues with your cataracts, please seek medical advice as a matter of urgency as injuries of this nature can lead to experiencing decreased vision and in some cases you can end up developing temporary or permanent blindness.

  • Macular degeneration

Damage to the retina can develop after the central vision is destroyed when on the sunbed. You should always ensure you attend a tanning salon which will take necessary health and safety measures to avoid personal injury at the hands of negligence.

  • Pterygium

This is another complication of the eye; it is characterized where a white tissue can grow on the white part of the eye. It is among the side effects of your eye being exposed to UV rays during the tanning exercise.

  • Photoconjunctivitis

Inflammation of the conjunctiva can arise due to exposure to too much UV rays during your tanning process.

How much compensation can you claim for a Tanning Salon injury?

The amount of compensation will vary from one injury to the other. If you’ve been exposed to an injury at the hands of your tanning salon then you may be entitled to a file a compensation complaint. Contact Tylers Solicitors today: your negligence and personal injury specialists.

How to tell the symptoms & how to get diagnosed?

The best way for you to tell the symptoms is to visit an optician immediately. If you’re required to pay the Optometrist, you’re costs will be refunded in the compensation you receive after your compensation claim has been processed. If you feel your injury is minor, please consult an optician to avoid your condition developing or worsening.

Are you a ‘No Win, No Fee’ Tanning Salon injury compensation claims solicitor?

Here at Tylers Solicitors we do adhere to a no win no fee compensation scheme to ensure your well being. For more information, please call our friendly team who will be able to provide informed knowledge in regard to your claim.

Where can I find out more information about Tanning Salon injuries?

To access more information bout Tanning Salon Injury Claim, you should visit the injury lawyer’s website. From the website you will access a lot of information about the claim. You can also call the lawyers and they will explain everything to you.

How to make a Tanning Salon injury compensation claim?

In a first instance, we recommend you visit your optician who will diagnose you accordingly. This information also acts as evidence in support of your claim. After you have been diagnosed, then contact your lawyer and let him help you in processing the injury case.

How long until I can claim compensation for a Tanning Salon injury?

You should start processing the case immediately, but it will depend on the time which the court of law will take before your case can be determined.

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