What is Tenosynovitis?

Tenosynovitis is a condition which affects the tendons of the hand. Tendons are designed to pull muscles and allow movements of those muscles. Repetitive motions of the hands, fingers and other muscles within the proximity of a specific tendon, Tenosynovitis has the potential to occur. Although Tenosynovitis is dominantly found in the hand, specifically between the thumb and the third or fourth fingers or at the base of the wrist, Tenosynovitis can form at any location where tendons have repetitive strain upon them.

Who has the greatest risk for Tenosynovitis?

The main cause for Tenosynovitis is repetition, so jobs which have a high level of repetitious tasks are more at risk. Such jobs as Typists, assembly line workers, roofers, and jobs involving computers have shown higher levels of Tenosynovitis. It has even occurred in younger individuals who have used their smart phone or tablets for prolonged periods of time. With the increased amount of time on computers, tablets, and smartphones, the numbers of individuals with De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis has increased.

There are certain activities which put you at a higher risk of developing Tenosynovitis. If your fingers are repeatedly going in the same motion or performing the same set of tasks (for example: If you work on an assembly line and have to push a part onto another part for 8 hours or more a day) or if your wrist is constantly going in a back and forth motion (such as a person that uses a hammer) then your odds increase. Also, if you are continuously standing up and then kneeling you may develop Tenosynovitis in the knees.

Symptoms of Tenosynovitis

As Tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the tendon, the symptoms are fairly easily spotted. If your wrist or any other area which has a constant use becomes inflamed or painful to move, there may be inflation upon the tendon. If you notice that there is swelling around a joint or muscles it is advised that you seek the opinion of a practitioner or a doctor. Typical symptoms include:

  • Inflammation of the wrists, fingers, or hand
  • Pain in the muscle joints when moving the fingers, wrist, or hand
  • Inability to move the area of inflammation
  • Soreness of the tissue around the wrist, fingers, or hands

Although the wrist, fingers, and hands are highlighted here, any joint or muscle area experiencing these symptoms should be checked for Tenosynovitis. Any inflammation of the muscles and joints should be treated as a serious injury and should not be left unattended as the condition can become worse and have serious consequences to the body. Where these are symptoms of a condition, they are not fail safe diagnosis. Several other conditions have similar symptoms. You need to seek professional treatment should you have concerns about a potential condition.

Should you file a claim for Tenosynovitis?

Claims of Tenosynovitis are tricky. The reason is that most of the time Tenosynovitis can be cured with a little bit of resting and some ice on the injury. Also, tenosynovitis is considered a common work injury for many occupations and the worker is considered to “understand the job risks” when taking the job. Yet, if you were not made aware of the potential of Tenosynovitis from conducting the job, or if you have developed Tenosynovitis and are now unable to work due to the condition, you may have grounds for a claim.

Industrial disease claims can be filed if you are not an assembly worker, writer, roofer, or have an occupation where tenosynovitis is common. If your occupation is not at a high risk for developing Tenosynovitis and you have developed the condition you may have grounds for a claim.

Because Tenosynovitis is easily detected and diagnosed, if you have been misdiagnosed or have not received proper treatment for your Tenosynovitis from a doctor, medical staff, or practitioner, then you may have a negligence or malpractice claim. Keep in mind that these cases are generally best filed for victims who have had a prolonged condition of Tenosynovitis which has rendered them enable to work or perform daily tasks. If you have been diagnosed with tenosynovitis and the condition has become worse even though you have followed the treatment recommendations of the doctor, medical staff, or practitioner, you may also have a claim.



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