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Trapped Finger

Trapped Finger Compensation Claim

If you want to start a claim for trapped finger compensation then you should discuss your case with a specialist lawyer who deals with trapped finger cases such as Tylers Solicitors. This will ensure that your trapped finger compensation claim has the best chance of success, because Tylers Solicitors have the competence and professional expertise required to process a claim for trapped finger sufferers.

If you want to proceed with your trapped finger compensation claim then you should call Tylers Solicitors (freephone) on 0800 699 0079 who can then proceed to talk you through your trapped finger compensation claim. Alternatively, if you are on your mobile phone, you can call 0333 577 0320, which is free to call with free minutes on your mobile phone. We are a no win no fee trapped finger personal injury solicitors.

Your fingers are your most valuable tools. Think about it. Without the use of your fingers, driving , eating, and working all become very difficult tasks. When a finger has become injured by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation through a crush injury claim.

What is a crush injury and how does it relate to my finger?

Crushed injuries are when a part of the body is crushed and made unusable through the negligence or malicious intent of others. Regardless of whether the injury was obtained by accident or by intent, the fact remains that the finger is crushed.

Problems which can occur from a crushed finger

Crushed fingers are commonly overlooked in their severity, but a crushed finger can have some very serious results such as:

  • Loss of function of that finger
  • Blood clotting and amputation of the finger
  • Severe scaring
  • Loss of fingernail
  • Tendon and muscle damage
  • Corrective Surgery
  • Prolonged joint pain where on the finger which was crushed

Determining if you have a compensation claim

There are many contributing factors to consider when filing a crush injury claim. The main factor is whether you crushed your finger or if someone else did. If you crushed your finger in the door than the odds are that you do not have a case, unless the reason that your crushed finger was caught trapped in the door was from negligence. An example of this would be faulty safety devices or machinery which has malfunctioned. In these cases you may have grounds for a claim.

Toddlers and small children who attend nurseries and daycares which have had their finger/fingers trapped in a door have grounds for a claim. It is the responsibility of the nursery and daycare to maintain the safety and well-being of your child while in the care of the facility. A child which has had their finger trapped in a door at a daycare or nursery may have grounds for an injury claim and (dependent upon the circumstances) negligence.

Parents and guardians of children who have had a finger trapped in a door need to get a written record of what methods were taken after the injury occurred. In any case where a finger was trapped in a door, the child should have received medical attention to ensure that no bones were broken. Also, please note whether or not you were immediately contacted by the nursery or daycare when the injury occurred. These factors play a huge role in filing your claim.

Fingers which have been trapped in mechanical device door (such as can be found on some production lines) from a malfunction in the equipment or from the failure to implement proper safety procedures in order to reduce injury, may have grounds for a claim, especially if the finger which was trapped in a door has resulted in a loss of work, a loss of that finger, or in medical bills associated with treating the injury. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK signs do not eliminate a business/company’s responsibility to provide safe work environments for their employees.


If you, your child, or anyone you know has had his or her finger trapped in a door and you wish to file a claim, you need to do so as soon as possible. Injury claims have an allotted amount of time in which to file. The longer you wait the less likely you are to win your case.

As swelling and coloration may fluctuate from day to day, you are advised to take several pictures of your injury as soon as it occurs and throughout the injury. By keeping a visual log you greatly increase your chances of winning your case.

Injuries sustained from having a finger trapped in a door need to be professionally evaluated by a medical staff, practitioner, or doctor to determine the severity of the injury. You should never self-diagnose an injury even if the injury looks minor. Blood clots and other unseen problems can occur from leaving an injury unattended. Never attempt to increase your injury for your claim. Your health is more important than permanent damage to your body. Always follow the advice given by the medical staff, practitioner, or doctor concerning your injury.

Every case is different and that claims filed on fingers trapped in the door as greatly dependent upon the circumstances which caused the finger to get trapped. The severity of these circumstances and the severity of the injury plays a crucial role in the claim.

We are here to help you

If you or a loved one has suffered injury from having your finger trapped in a door please contact us. We will be more than happy to address any inquiries you may have about filing a crush or negligence claim.

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