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Trapped Finger Injury

Finger injuries can be caused by many factors though health and safety precautions being wrongly followed in the workplace is one of the most common causes.

Finger injuries tend to occur in manual work, sport, trips, slips and falls or due to trapped fingers in doors, machinery, equipment etc.

If you’ve suffered an injury to the finger which wasn’t your fault, you’re eligible to file a compensation claim.

Trapped Fingers

Trapped finger injuries can cause issues in-fitting with the following categories:

  • Avulsion

Avulsion describes an injury where the skin or finger tissue has torn. This can be administered when ones suffered from a trapped finger. If you’ve suffered from an avulsion finger injury which wasn’t your fault, you’re eligible to file a compensation claim.

  • Laceration

Laceration cuts vary in severity from a small cut which slightly breaks the skin to deeper cuts which can sometimes cause nerve, tendon or blood vessel damage. Injuries of this nature can occur following a trapped finger in the workplace or in a situation which wasn’t your fault. If you’ve suffered a laceration finger injury, you may be entitled to compensation: contact Tyler’s Solicitors today for more information.

  • Fingernail injuries

Trapped fingers commonly cause injuries to the fingernail and the tissue beneath the fingernail. In some cases, depending on the severity of the injury, the bone beneath the finger nail may have been damaged causing much pain to the sufferer. If you’ve suffered a finger nail injury, it’s likely you’re entitled to file a compensation claim.

  • Fracture

Fingers are made up of sensitive bones intricately placed in the skeletal frame. Fractures to the fingernails can be common if you’re subjected a trapped finger injury.

  • Amputation

Finger amputation occurs in the rarer cases of trapped finger injuries. This occurs when a part of your fingers tissue, or the bone is dislocated at the time of injury or when the injury is so severely damaged, the organ is irreplaceable.

  • Tendons

Tendons are the tissues attaching muscle to the skeletal bones. Tendon damage can occur following a trapped finger injury as the finger may be crushed or cut. If you’ve suffered tendon damage due to the finger and it wasn’t your fault, let us here at Tyler’s Solicitors guide you through the compensation process.

  • Dislocation

Dislocation injuries often occur in the fingers and can come following finger trapping. Dislocation injuries can occur following a trapped finger injury. Dislocated joints is where the injury causes the bone to move out of its normal alignment with the bone sockets, injuries of this nature often cause ligament damage too.

  • Ligament injuries (sprains)

Ligament injuries occur when the tissue holding the bones in place to form a joint becomes damaged. Ligament damage tends to occur following bone dislocation, when this occurs the ligaments stretch and often remain damaged once the dislocated area is reconnected.

  • Nerve Injuries

In your fingers, there are two nerves which run alongside each; which is what gives us feeling in our fingers. Nerve damage can occur following a trapped injury which is very difficult to fix. If you’ve suffered nerve damage to the fingers, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Tyler’s Solicitors today for more information and let us, help you.

Can you claim compensation for a trapped finger injury?

If you’ve administered a trapped finger injury which was due to fault beyond your control, you may well be entitled to compensation. If you’ve been diagnosed within the past 3 years, contact Tyler’s Solicitors today and learn the amount of compensation you could be entitled to.

Make the claim, get what you deserve…

Trapped finger injuries range between mild moderate and severe. Here at Tylers Solicitors, we understand how much something which can sound so minor can impact ones working and everyday life.

Get the compensation you deserve today and let the solicitors who care represent you in your claim. Offering expert information advice and guidance, Tyler’s Solicitors are the number one solicitors when dealing with claims surrounding personal injury.

Contact us today on the freephone line:0800 699 0079 to learn more.

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