Traumatic Brain Injury Compensation Claim

Some accidents whether on the road or at the work place result in head injuries. This affects the brain meaning that you can claim for a traumatic brain injury compensation. This form of compensation is trickier because it requires more evidence to prove that you actually sustained a brain injury during an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Tylers Solicitors can help you build a strong case that helps you get the compensation you deserve. Our main aim is to get you as much money as we can to compensate you for your injuries and any other loss incurred.

What Incidents Can Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Any impact to the head can cause a brain injury with most traumatic brain injuries occurring when a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident. Depending on the force of impact, a brain injury can be termed as mild or severe.

When the injury is mild, loss of consciousness may be experienced for a few minutes while when the damage is severe you can lose consciousness for more than an hour. In some cases, symptoms develop a few days, weeks or even months after the accident occurs. There are two main types of traumatic brain injuries.

Can I Make a Claim for Closed Head Injuries?

A blunt force to the head can result to a closed head injury. This can occur during an impact when you hit your head hard on the dashboard, windscreen or any other hard surface. The result can be an injury to the area of the brain near the impact or the entire brain and head. This depends on the force or impact to the head.

Is it Possible to Claim for Open Head Injury Compensation?

This usually occurs when a bullet or sharp object goes through the skull. In most cases, it only damages the part of the brain on its path but dirt, fragments and foreign objects may cause further damage.

How Can Tylers Help Me To Get Traumatic Brain Injury Compensation?

When you call Tylers Solicitors requiring help in a brain injury compensation case, the first thing they will do is get to know the extent of the injuries and gather evidence that can build for you a strong case. This involves getting to know you more, sometimes on a personal level and hiring doctors to ascertain the extent of injuries and testify in a court of law if need be. Their main aim is to get justice for you and ensure that you are not only compensated for the injuries but also for expenses incurred, pain suffered, loss of employment, cost of rehabilitation and cost of care. They deal with the defendants and in most cases get an out of court settlement where need be, they have the required experience to handle any traumatic brain injury compensation case in a court of law.

Traumatic brain injury should not be a reason for your life to change drastically, Tylers Solicitors ensure that you and your family do not suffer. We walk with you through the journey until you get a fair compensation making the process as fast and painless as possible. You are assured that you do not only get the compensation you deserve but you also get emotional support to help you build your life again.

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