Vibration White Finger Treatment

Unfortunately, as things stand today, there is no definitive cure for Vibration White Finger. But that does not mean that the condition cannot be managed. There are some simple protective steps that individuals, who are at risk of developing Vibration White Finger, can use to both minimize the chances of the condition occurring at all as well as manage it even after they begin to show symptoms.

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What are the Treatment Options for Vibration White Finger?

In many severe cases, doctors have been known to prescribe vasodilator drugs to patients suffering from this condition. Restricted blood flow to the affected areas tend to exacerbate the symptoms and make the condition worse. Thus, the opening up of blood vessels by vasodilator drugs can help alleviate the discomfort and make the condition manageable.

In some rare cases, Vibration White Finger symptoms may be made worse by drugs prescribed for unrelated conditions. This is mostly because some of these drugs cause the patient’s blood vessels to narrow, thus exacerbating the condition. It is, however, important to consult your doctor and find out if any other prescribed medication may be interfering with your Vibration White Finger Treatment.

In other cases, individuals can find relief in a variety of natural products such as certain vitamins, evening primrose oil and fish oils.

Are There Any Avoidance Treatments for Vibration White Finger Conditions?

In an ideal world, any ‘at risk’ individual will be advised to stay away from vibrating machinery. But since that may not be entirely possible, there are some other steps that these individuals can, and should, take to ensure that they do not contract this condition.

Individuals are also advised to stop smoking and to cut down on caffeine intake. Amphetamines and caffeine tend to bring about bouts and exacerbate the symptoms. At risk individuals are therefore advised to reduce the intake of these substances from their daily diet. These individuals should also avoid cold, draughty places and stay away from cold or freezing objects.

What Steps Could I, or My Employer, Take to Prevent Vibration White Finger?

  • If at all possible, stay away from vibrating tools. But if you cannot, then wear the appropriate gear such as vibration gloves.
  • Whenever you are using high vibration tools, make sure that they are well maintained and that you are using them for the right job.
  • Keep warm at all times when working in freezing conditions.
  • Space out the frequency in which you use vibrating tools.

What are the Positive Actions for Vibration White Finger Prevention?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthily, and exercising regularly can reduce bouts of the condition. Stay warm when working in cold condition and try as much as you can to cut out caffeine and amphetamines from your diet.

Vibration white finger symptoms and bouts can be very uncomfortable and even debilitating to the individual affected. It is therefore imperative that you do everything within your power to prevent its onset in the first place. But should you contract the condition anyway, then using the above treatment and management methods can go a long way in making your life much easier.