This injury is accompanied with immense pain on the affected area. Trigger finger is a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) since it is caused by constant overuse of the arm, wrist or finger. These injuries mostly affect people who do manually engaging work that will require continuous use of fingers or the arm like construction workers, farmers, musicians or even industrial workers.

What are the Symptoms of Trigger Finger?

You should first contact a doctor for trigger finger checkup when you experience the following symptoms:

  • Your joints are constantly clicking.
  • Some firmness and throbbing on the affected finger mostly during the mornings.
  • Nodules start to emerge on the base of the finger.

Trigger finger injury may seem a less serious injury, but it may have some effects like using a knife, driving or even holding something since your fingers mobility have been affected and it may also give you sleepless nights because of the incessant pain you will endure.

How Can I Make a No-Win, No-Fee Trigger Finger Compensation Claim?

Once your doctor has ascertained that you got a trigger finger injury or it was worsened due to the work condition you were exposed to, you should contact us so that you will take a trigger finger compensation claim from your employer. Your employer owes you a duty of care, and it is their mandate to ensure that you have been issued with enough protective gear and equipment that would protect you from a trigger finger injury. Your employer also has a duty to you of giving you enough training and ensures that you will have regular breaks and rotations to prevent this and other work related injuries. If your employer has not followed these procedures and other guidelines that have been indicated by the Health and Safety Executive, you should make a claim for trigger finger compensation.

How Much Trigger Finger Compensation Could I Be Entitled To?

A trigger finger injury is rather debilitating since it will have an incalculable effect in your everyday life like you will have a hard time writing since you will not have a proper grip of your pen. In making a trigger compensation claim, we will help you in deciding on the various amount of compensation you will be able to gain. These amounts will depend on some factors like:

  • The amount of suffering or pain that you have endured. If your trigger finger injury is one that is not ongoing and will subside in a span of two years, you will be able to get compensation amounts of £1,300 to £6,200.
  • If the trigger finger injury portrays ongoing symptoms and the symptoms would be continuing after two years but would not require surgery, we will help you get a trigger finger compensation claim of about £6,200 to £10, 500.
  • If your injury requires surgery so that an eminent disability would be averted, we will help you get a compensation claim of about £10,500 to £15,000 since this injury will affect your working capability.

Why Do I Need to Make Compensation Claims for Trigger Finger Conditions?

It is imperative that you apply for a trigger compensation claim with us since it will cover all the expenses that you will encounter. This includes your monthly salary, any other financial inconvenience that would be caused by the injury and any other form of rehabilitation that would be required to make your life easier. If your injury results in you losing your job, you will also have to make a trigger finger compensation claim with us since it will be a crucial element in getting your compensation claim.

When claiming a trigger finger compensation claim, you will have to furnish us with adequate medical details that will clearly outline the extent of the damage. Once you have done this, we will help you in determining whether you will be able to make the compensation claim but it is very important that you contact our lawyers once you have developed the injury.

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