Am I Able To File a Truck Accident Compensation Claim?

Compensation claims are typically filed by those which have been in a truck accident involve drivers not following proper procedures. Where there has been legislation to help relieve harmful conditions, many drivers still drive way over the safe amount of hours. Alcohol and drug use is also a common factor of truck accidents.

Those which have had a spouse or a child fatality as a result of a truck accident can file a claim on the behalf of the deceased if negligence was found to be the result of the collision.

What are Typical Injuries Sustained in a Truck Accident?

As a commercial truck weighs close to 80,000 pounds or more and the average car weights less than a 10th of that, the odds that your vehicle and passenger will survive a truck accident are bleak. Those who do typically have multiple broken bones, severe cuts, head and neck injuries, internal bleeding, burns, amputation, paralysis and nerve damage, loss of eyesight or eyes, crushed limbs, or crushed windpipe.

Should I File a Truck Accident Compensation Claim?

Truck accidents are very generally very gritty. Those which are involved in such accidents have a high fatality rate. This means that the majority of truck accident claims are filed by the surviving spouse or parent of the victim in most cases. Those who have had a spouse or a loved one killed by being crushed, decapitated, or from other injuries resulting from a truck accident, you definitively have grounds for a claim if the negligence was that of the truck driver.

Those who have survived a truck accident and have had to undergo physical therapy, have had to have prosthetic limbs, become paralysed, or sustained any life changing injury as the result of the negligence has grounds for a claim.

Individuals who have been in a coma or intensive care for an extended amount of time as the result of the injuries from a truck accident have grounds for a claim.

Passengers and survivors of a truck accident may have grounds for compensation on any counseling and medical treatment resulting from the trauma of the accident.

Even if you were the cause of the accident, you may have grounds for a claim if it is shown that the truck was not properly equipped with the mandated safety devices to reduce injury in the event of a collision. Where this is the case, it is paramount that the injuries sustained are shown to have been avoidable if such safety devices were to have been in place.

What Do I Need to Consider When Filing A Truck Accident Compensation Claim?

Truck accident compensation claims involve a process and various documents which must be filed within a defined timeframe. The quicker you file your claim the more apt you are to have success. If you are filing on behalf of another, you will need to have documented proof of the dependence of the victim to you.

Compensation is determined based upon a number of factors. These factors include the injury sustained, the treatment required for the injury, the physical or emotional impact upon the person filing, the extremity of the negligence, and the time frame from the accident to the filing of the claim amongst other factors.

If you are undergoing treatment from being in a truck accident, you should continue treatment while filing your claim. If you need assistance with covering your medical expenses please ask for options from your doctor, nurse, medical staff, or practitioner. If medical treatment is denied please contact a professional for legal advice.

How Can Tylers Solicitors Provide No-Win, No-Fee Truck Accident Compensation Claims?

We understand that you are in pain and that you are suffering from your truck accident, and we want to help you by offering our experience in legal representation. If you have been the victim or have been the survivor of a truck accident and would like a professional team to evaluate your case, please contact us. Should you have any inquires as to how to file a truck accident claim please let us know. Our team of professionals will work one-on-one with you to determine the best option to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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