Varicose Vein Removal Compensation Claims

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What Are Varicose Veins and How Are They Removed?

Varicose veins research for the UK reported on the consulting of potential patients. The results showed that nearly 88% of hospital consultant episodes for varicose veins were of men. Additionally, women who had consolations about their veins were attributed to 41% being for varicose veins. What makes these statistics interesting is that there is not a definitive age bracket for the information. Persons which suffered from varicose veins ranged in age from 15 to over 50. Consequently, the data concerning surgeries related to varicose veins is a bit sporadic.

Yet, even with limited data concerning the number of surgeries, it can be concluded that a great many of these procedures have a level of negligence. This is confirmed by the European Society for Vascular Surgery which reported an estimated £17 million in compensation pay-outs for patients specifically involved with varicose vein removal negligence claims.

What are the Main Grounds for a Varicose Veins Removal Negligence Claim?

In order to file a varicose vein removal negligence claim, the person which received the surgery must show that the person or persons who conducted the surgery performed such with a level of negligence or disregard to their safety and wellbeing. The parties involved should show how a competitive doctor, nurse, medical practitioner, hospital, or medical facility would be able to conduct the same procedure with minimal or no risk to the person’s health and well-being. Additionally, even if standardized procedures were followed, if the patient was not made aware of the risks involved in the surgery, this may constitute grounds for negligence.

When Filing a Medical Negligence Claim, What Do I Need?

As the case of negligence in surgery is oriented around a medical practice, it is advised that the person seek the diagnosis and treatment from a licensed doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner who is not affiliated with the party which is being held accountable for the negligence. When diagnosed, the patient should retain copies of any information which could support the claim. Such documentation may include incident reports, x-rays, photographic images, treatment recommendations, and the written professional diagnosis of the party treating the condition.

In cases of gross negligence where substantial damage has been done to the person filing the claim, it may be necessary to file an investigation upon the medical facility to see if there are any outstanding claims of negligence, any history of negligence, and/or to validify the creditability of the doctors, nurses, and medical practioners of the establishment.

When Should I File My Medical Negligence Claim?

Varicose vein removal patients generally will have a level of mild discomfort following surgery. However, should the discomfort intensify over a short period of time, or the pain lingers for several weeks/months, then a compensation claim may be beneficial. Keep in mind that claims made to minor injuries and “typical” suffering from a surgery are less likely to receive compensation unless gross negligence can be shown.

Individuals which have undergone Varicose vein removal and have had substantial bruising and swelling of the legs uncommon to such a surgery may have grounds for a claim.

Any individual who has been effected with long term immobility as a result of a varicose vein removal surgery may have grounds for a claim, especially if there was no underling condition prior to the surgery which would lend to a reasonable risk of such occurring.

Surgery which was conducted by an unlicensed apprentice which resulted in injury may have grounds for a negligence claim even if the person performing the surgery was overseen by a licensed doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner.

Am I Eligible to File For Varicose Veins Removals Compensation?

It is best to file a compensation claim as soon as possible. As the injury is likely not to surface until a period of time from the surgery has elapsed, it is vital to your claim to file as quickly as possible. All compensation claims do have a limitation to the timeframe from the event in which to file. Compensation is based upon the gravity of negligence by the third party, the likelihood that such an injury would occur, any history of injury which has been filed against the medical establishment prior to your claim, the duration of your injury, and the gravity of your injury. Under no circumstance should a person attempt to prolong or intensify his or her injuries. This is both illegal and dangerous to the health.

Why Should I Choose Tylers Solicitors to Handle My Personal Injury Claim?

Any questions regarding Varicose vein removal negligence claims should be addressed to a professional claims expert. The expert will evaluate your case and be able to convey the likelihood of compensation based upon the specific merits presented in your claim. Additionally, should you seek the services of a claims expert, he or she will ensure that all documentation is filed with the correct departments at the correct time to maximise your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve.

If you have suffered Varicose Vein Removal gone wrong that wasn’t your fault then you may be able to make a claim. Call Tylers today on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to see if you can make a claim today.