Vibration White Finger Symptoms

Work related injuries are becoming increasingly common due to repetitive and strenuous tasks. Vibration white finger is one workplace injury which can become very painful. It’s important to understand the vibration white finger symptoms so that you can identify if you have a case. The most common cause of vibration white finger is the repetitive use of hand tools which vibrate. VWF can also be referred to as Raynauds¬†Disease.

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This makes it a fairly common industrial condition which can affect anyone using power tools. It also affects construction workers as the use of pneumatic tools can cause the condition. This is a very common and serious condition which affects many thousands of industrial workers all over the world.

What Are The Most Common Vibration White Finger Symptoms?

The most common symptoms of vibration white finger (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) include:

  • Numbness and loss of Sensation in fingers
  • Change of colour of fingers
  • Holding things can be difficult or painful

Numbness and Loss of Sensation Vibration White Finger Symptoms

One of the most common Vibration White Finger symptoms people will experience early on is a tingling or numbness in their fingers. You might notice this at the end of the day once you have finished working. At first it might only affect the very tips of your fingers, however over time the condition will become more serious. This could cause the whole finger to lose sensation for an extended period of time after you have finished using vibrating hand tools. You might also experience a pins and needles type sensation. This symptom shows that the nerves in your hands, arms and fingers are beginning to be affected by the vibrations and becoming damaged.

Have Your Fingers Changed Colour?

Through extended use of power tools the vibrations can not only damage nerves, but also blood vessels. When your fingers are cold they could change color and become very pale. This could also mean that when your fingers are cold you can’t feel anything. After some time the fingers may swell slightly and become very red when the blood returns to them. This can be painful.

Is It Painful or Difficult to Hold Objects?

Once your nerves and muscles have been affected by the vibrating tools your symptoms can become more serious. This can happen at any time although it’s most common during cold weather. Whenever you are doing anything which requires you to hold a tool or object it could become very painful and make gripping anything difficult. These attacks can last for an hour so it can have a severe impact on your life.

If the condition isn’t recognised and monitored early on patients can end up losing fingers in very extreme conditions. Vibration White Finger will start slowly but over time the effects will grow and it will become more serious. It’s important that you talk to your doctor as soon as you notice any of the symptoms. You can visit our page that explains techniques about preventing Vibration White Finger

What are the Symptoms and References of Vibration White Finger

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