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White Finger Syndrome

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Occupational diseases are recognised when a certain ailment is recognised as more common among a designated section of workers compared to the general population. These diseases are usually caused by the work environment or conditions of the tasks being performed. For a disease to be fully considered as an occupational disease with compensation claims, medical research must prove that there is a direct correlation between the disease and exposure to the work environment. When one is disabled as a result of a work-related occupational ailment, they can file a claim and are subject for compensation.

What is White Finger Syndrome?

It is a common variant of Raynaud’s syndrome caused by continuous handling of vibrating machinery leading to deterioration of sensory perception in the hands. It attacks the nervous and circulatory system leading to a serious disorder. It is a recognized as an industrial disease for those who have worked with tools that vibrate between 5 to 2000 Hz frequencies for long periods. It is marked by numbness which may not be noticed for a long period of time. Sometimes a tingling will be felt and often ignored as it may last for a short period and then disappear. The discomfort felt is different for individuals. As it progresses to serious levels, muscles become weakened, painful throbbing and even whiteness develops on the fingers.

What are the causes of White Finger Syndrome?

It is indisputable that vibrating equipment causes this ailment. However, it remains unclear how the disease develops through the vibration. Perhaps the vibration acts like a very minute injury with every slight contact causing repeated injury to the fingers and eventually causing the symptoms. Tools such as chainsaws and drills are the main culprits but being in contact and working with machinery that vibrates constantly may also accelerate the disease.

Can the White Finger Syndrome be Prevented or Cured?

Prevention of the disease is not completely clear but some measures are thought to be helpful. Workers operating vibrating tools should hold them loosely and change positions of grip periodically. The tools should also be well suited for the tasks performed. Breaks are encouraged when working to prevent extended exposure. Keeping fingers warm is also thought to be helpful perhaps to promote proper circulation. Whether these tips work or not is unclear. As for a cure, it is doubtful that once the disease has developed that the nerves can be repaired. Short of stopping working completely with such manner of equipment once symptoms develop, there is no cure.

What to Do when Symptoms Develop?

As soon as the barest of symptoms are recognised, seek medical advice. A report should also be filed with the employer, medical personnel affiliated with the company as well as with the Workers Union. This disease affects a person’s livelihood as they lose dexterity of their fingers and can longer have a firm grip on their tools of trade. Filing a claim for this work-related disease is a viable option. Seek legal advice if suffering from this ailment from people with sufficient expertise to understand industrial diseases.

If you have suffered white finger syndrome as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault then you may be able to make a claim. Call Tylers today on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to see if you can make a claim today.